Hardware, Software and handy travel stuff

This is ultimately going to be a page that we use to discuss products and services we use in our travels. We need to be “connected” pretty much daily and this section will outline how we do that, the why and the how. I will do my best to explain the rationale for using what we do but these days you do not need a $3000 computer or a $1000 cell phone and I will try to go over why and why not. While traveling top end gear marks you as a target. Having the latest and greatest is surely possible but in most peoples cases not needed.

If you lose your phone/laptop can you recover or are you totally screwed? You need not be and I hope to provide insight on how to ensure life can continue!

VPN – Virtual Private Network

Computer Hardware – Laptops

What is the cloud anyway? Why should I care?

Apple Mac vs Windows PC vs Linux – What is best? (pending)

iPhone vs Android (pending)