Coco hot 2014

Who are we? Coco (Yasuko) aka Mrs. Nomad came to the US as an exchange student from Japan at 16 and pretty much never left. (We kid that she was deported to the US or had to escape her Yakuza criminal background!) Along the way she spent a year in Spain and learned to love that culture and the language. She has been keeping up and studying Spanish and is fluent. She speaks English, Japanese, Spanish and a fair bit of Korean. She has a BA in International Business from St. Louis University.

Jacket upstairs

Me? I’m John aka the Nomad, a Tech and Business dork with a penchant for travel since early on. My Mom and Dad had met while flying on the worlds oldest airline, K.L.M and basically traveled all over the world for 7 years doing that, they instilled this in me. This started in the days of propeller planes such as the DC-3. Lots of stories they told me about that life and I have been hooked on travel all my life. Used to go to Europe every summer and take the Eurorail all over and loved it. Worked on board a Holland America cruise line for nearly 4 years, I speak English and Dutch fluently and speak Spanish, French, German passably well, and can get by in a bunch more if needed. Have an MBA in International Business from St. Mary’s College of California, a Masters of Science in Information Technology from Golden Gate.

We have been in real estate for a number of years and we got into that after we bought our first investment property and realized how easy it had been on the agents. We both went for our real estate agent certifications. Coco went on to just having passed the brokers license and we are putting more passive income plans into place as a result.

We have 3 teenage kids, they speak Japanese and are trying to figure out where they want to go with their lives.

Reach out if anything you see on these pages interests you, if you have questions or comments or just want to say “Hi”

The top picture is of the “Cement Ship” in Aptos where John grew up. More details can be found at this link. He grew up in those days when you could still go out onto the ship and fish, etc.

Coco and John