The longest journey starts with a single step…

Hello, greetings and konnichiwa! Call me Ishmael ….err Nomad.

Kicking off a project that with any luck will be many things, but this is a looking forward exercise. Looking forward how? Mrs Nomad and I are not yet fully retired but definitely moving in that direction and want to engage in our passions of travel, languages and other cultures in the not too distant future. Anyway, we won’t be of the “retired by 30” gang but we won’t be eligible for social security either! We have been building our plan for a number of years and now we are ensuring our teenage kids are on their way to being able to survive on their own while we go….elsewhere.

Been in tech now for 20+ years so will be writing on travel and tech among other things. How to connect, using what, how to stay safe, etc. But also in past was in the hospitality business, family owned restaurants, I worked as a Maitre’d on a cruise ship for 4 years so food comes into the picture I think too.  Speak a couple of languages with varying degrees of fluency, Dutch, Spanish, German, French and a smattering of a few more. Picked up an MBA in International Business and a Masters in Information Technology along the way.  Just left my day job (Director of IT for huge well known company here in California) then after a few months of doing things to help the wife got bored. My former boss at Oracle had been in contact and lured me back for another stint. Had 15+ years there and considered it “home” so went back for another lap. Will update and post as I can and as requested so if you have questions please reach out.

Things have changed of late and new interests have had us focus on other locations. Panama (the country, the one with the canal) has entered into the picture. 

Lots of stuff that interests us and a lot of stuff that we want to share.

thank you!

the Nomads


Twitter: @RetiredNomads


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